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An open letter to Shaista Wahid

An open letter to Shaista Wahidi

Dear Shaista Wahidi,

Today, I had the good (mis)fortune of catching you on your popular morning show ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’ on a private entertainment channel. For someone who claims to be a doctor and possess a modicum of intelligence, your absolute lack of the latter coupled with your appalling sense of style was somewhat surprising to me. The subject under discussion on your show was (…wait for it) ‘maasis’ – maids if you will – or the kaam walis who come to our houses every day to dust, clean, mop, sweep and, if we’re really lucky, sometimes cook as well. The show, supposedly, was a ‘tribute’ to the efforts that these women put into our homes. Instead, it turned out to be a strange, confounding mix of political incorrectness and distaste. Where do I begin, really? Perhaps your choice of wardrobe that was supposed to be an apt representation of the kaam walis with colours ranging from orange to pink and, let us not forget, laced with intricate, expensive embroidery. Or the fact that you chose to wear your eye make-up ’70s style or the painfully obvious (read HUGE) gold nose ring that kaam walis wear all the time.

But this is television and if you want jaw-dropping ratings, then you have to glam it up. So I’m willing to let go of your wardrobe malfunction because, after all, there is no business like show business. What I do have a problem with, however, is the mockery that you chose to make out of the women you were paying homage to. Talking in a distinct Punjabi drawl and acting out your blonde fantasies during the kaam wali ‘role-playing’ that you were engaged in, is not funny. It’s offensive.

Playing coyly with your dupatta and saying things like ‘meri dooty (duty) hai abhi’ does not mean you have a good sense of humour nor is it saluting the effort put in by that particular category of labourers. It just means you are having a few laughs at the expense of a large, underprivileged section of the society – and being politically incorrect. Interspersing the mindless banter conversation that you were having with your guests about the need for a ‘mohalla committee’ spearheaded by your friendly neighbourhood aunties to safeguard the rights of the maids does not mean you’re being profound. If anything, it serves as a flimsy cover-up for your otherwise irreverent take on the subject of maids and the problems that they are faced with. Worse still, is the fact that you invited a maid as a guest on your show and talked about how ‘her kind’ was prone to theft and gossiping, and are inclined to switch jobs/loyalties for a mere 500-rupee increase in their salary. Your condescension and ability to make fun of someone who’s already at the receiving is astounding to me. You are supposed to be a role model, Ms Wahidi – the queen of morning television, as they say. Countless women watch you with breathless anticipation every morning hoping to imbibe your pearls of wisdom into their lives in some way. At least throw them a bone, if not a potential gemstone. And, if you don’t have anything meaningful to say, then please don’t say anything at all.

Snarkily yours,


Samina Wahid Perozani is a freelance journalist.

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Shaista Wahidi Interviews


Good Morning Pakistan’s host, Dr Shaista Wahidi

TV Explore on October 22, 2009


Good Morning Pakistan’s host, Dr Shaista Wahidi speaks on the Linkcelebration of her show’s first anniversary.

Pakistan’s favourite television anchor Dr. Shaista Wahidi’s story starts off on a similar note as any urban girl in her country. The Shaista of yesteryear, in her own words, was a young woman who felt she had to compromise to please her family. From marriage and kids in her teens to studying for a lost cause, she became a non-practising doctor to keep up with her parent’s wishes. While this brought the reward of a happy family, destiny had other plans for the now famous TV host.

Out of sheer boredom during her time as a housewife Shaista decided to try her luck by entering a VJ contest for a local FM station. The experience was second to none and eventually helped shape her transition to television. Blessed with an abundance of talent, namely the gift of the gab, Shaista has managed to connect with her audiences at an altogether different level not seen on Pakistani television before. From the public to politicians, cricketers to celebrities, Shaista is undoubtedly the preferred choice of a nation, which is fast catching up to her mantra of positivity and hope.

As her flagship show, Good Morning Pakistan (GMP), celebrates its first anniversary. Dr Shaista reveales her innermost thoughts about her journey to stardom and beyond.

Tell us about GMP on ARY, which in one year has become one of their leading programmes. How has the journey been?

GMP is my baby and I am proud of leading it for a year. Yes, it’s challenging hosting and producing as this means looking after the content and participating in the overall planning of the show, but I am ably supported by my production team led by my senior producer Talat Raza. In our team, one thing is very clear that no one is the boss and we all have the right to be heard. It’s a culture I love at ARY and am glad the channel has helped me cultivate a similar environment in the team.

The show is unique because not a single day passes when we don’t receive calls from minister’s wives or affluent families wanting to contribute or help about a certain issue that was discussed on that particular day. It’s very touching because we have a responsibility to society and through GMP we have been able to establish a platform for people to connect and help.

Moreover it is my personal objective to empower the Pakistani woman who desperately needs a voice and practical advice in various facets of her life. We have had fantastic response for introducing new elements like career counselling, medical and skin care advice and summer camps and we intend to keep moving in this direction.

Do you consider yourself an inspiration to women?

I believe in substance. You see it’s not about being a woman or man, it’s about the individual. If you believe in yourself then it becomes a completely different story. The whole world starts to revolve around you once you gain that self confidence. I never wanted to be the usual complaining woman considering that is the most common image of a female in our society. On the contrary, I am a big fan of Rhonda Byrnes’, The Secret, in which the law of attraction states that when you want something you must start believing in it and practice it as if you have it. I have applied this to enhance the power of positivity which people say I resonate but if you ask me I just dislike negative thinking.

Today I can proudly say I am at peace with myself. Besides this discipline is vital, which includes working out and keeping fit to beat stress, being health conscious and eating right. Mind you, all of these don’t come without a strict routine. I was never like this but have evolved with time in order to pursue the goals I have set in my life. I guess it shows and perhaps this is why they look up to me.

Your following is equally popular with male audiences. According to a survey men find you the best looking and most pleasant host. What are your thoughts?

Well it’s a plus point. I am aware of the fact that I am good looking and you are on the money about men watching GMP because of the looks. I see no harm in men liking women on the face of it as long as they are not hypocrites like most men in our society. I am glad they have at least admitted it in that survey but will be happier if they openly talk about their reason for watching others or me on the show whilst sitting next to their wives.

Television is larger than life to those watching at home and hence we do work consciously on the looks and makeovers for all the segments and hosts. For example I work with my designer Ruby Shakeel and stylist Mahjabeen who are responsible for making me look the way I do on the show. At the same time I am known to be choosy as I don’t like wearing loud colours or busy prints.

Your most ardent admirers are politicians, cricketers and celebrities. According to them you are their favourite host because you bring the best out of them. What’s your magic touch?

When someone is invited on my show I make it a point that they are treated as our houseguests including politicians and cricketers who are mostly grilled in interviews. I am fully aware that people want me to take them on and it’s not that I don’t but I just do it in a way which is subtle and humane. One of my memorable interviews was with our current Prime Minister on the eve of his win. My entire focus was on humanising Yousaf Raza the person and not Mr. Gillani the prime minister. To my surprise it took him just one question to start talking about his fondness for Indian films and specially Ashwariya Rai who is an absolute favourite of his, so much so that he used to watch Ash’s movies during his days of imprisonment. Pakistan loved that interview and I got such great feedback even from the critics, which was a pleasant surprise.

The morning routine for the morning host

Firstly, I wish myself good morning before anyone else does. No matter how clich├ęd it is, my belief is that you must first learn to love yourself in order to love the world.

My husband is usually late home from work in the evenings as he’s a workaholic but we both make it a point to spend the last hours sharing and catching up. Therefore, I go to bed very late despite the fact that I rise by six every morning. Once I’m up, I look forward to my three precious gems Shaafay, Fayz and Eman. Every day is a beginning full of energy and positivity in my life. As soon as I step out of the house I do a 360° from a devoted mother and a wife to an ambitious producer and host with a responsibility to lead a show, which makes a difference in the lives of millions every day.

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Shaista Wahidi wedding pictures

Dr. Shaista Wahidi is a TV presenter. She started her career with FM radio. Later on she joins TV and become a NEWS caster. Soon she moves towards hosting of live shows. Some of her shows are “Hum Aur Aap Brah-e-Rast” , “'Shaista and You'” , “Bakhaber Savera”, ''Good Morning Pakistan”.

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Shaista Wahidi Biography

Shaista Wahidi

Welcome to Shaista Wahidi's Website:
Shaista Wahidi is a Pakistani TV Host, who currently hosts Utho Jago Pakistan. This site is purely dedicated to Shaista Wahidi, who is well known for her anchoring skills. She has also hosted Good Morning Pakistan (ARY) before joining GEO Entertainment.

A doctor by education, Shaista has chosen media to be her main career. Her show "Good Morning Pakistan" is one of the most popular morning shows these days .Her different and very friendly way makes her different from other presenters. Alond with a beautiful face she has good work ethics as well .


Full Name: Shaista Wahidi Khan
Brother: Sahir Lodhi
Date of Birth: 26 November 1971

Personal life:
She is the only sister of three brothers, Sabway Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi and Sahir Lodhi. She has three children Shafay (1999), Faiz (2002) and Eeman (2004) with Waqar Wahidi. The couple married on January 17, 1999.

- City Talent Women Awards (2006)
- Dalda Expert Mom (Honorary Award) (2009)[3]
- Pakistan Media Awards for Best Anchor (2010)

Educational background

She received her early education from Habib Girls School. Later she joined Bahria College where she passed her Matriculation in 1993. After completing FSc from Govt. College for Women, Karachi she joined Sindh Medical College to study medicine.


She started her career as a radio anchorperson which led her to become a news anchor at a private TV Channel. She revealed her inner talent after hosting live shows on TV. Her first TV show was Hum aur App Barah-e-Rast which aired on the same channel. She was hosting one of the popular TV Shows of Pakistan Good Morning Pakistan on ARY. However, due to personal reasons (her husband lives in Dubai and the show goes on in Dubai) she left ARY and went over to GEO Television and replaced Nadia Khan as the morning show host. After joining GEO Television Shaista Wahidi has filed a suit against ARY in Sindh High Court (SHC) for alleged contractual violations.